For years I was a faithful and active worker in an orthodox...

For years I was a faithful and active worker in an orthodox church, diligently devoting myself to daily Bible study. Gradually I became impressed with the fact that results did not follow in proportion to my efforts to know God and have my prayers answered. Suddenly I felt there was so much lacking in my religious experience that I left the church. For four years I sought constantly for God. I had almost decided that I was an atheist when I quite indifferently read a Christian Science lecture printed in a local paper, and noted with surprise how little I was opposed to it.

A few weeks later I was induced to attend a Christian Science lecture by the size of the crowd I saw entering the hall where it was to be given. The lecturer gave an illustration which won my thought to Christian Science at once. He spoke something as follows: An American-born child was early taken to China and reared by Chinese. At maturity relatives found him and told him the truth about his birth. He replied, "Well, if I am an American, where did this Chinaman come from?" I saw the point. There was no Chinaman there. He had been an American all the time, but had not known it. Man, in the image and likeness of God, is wholly spiritual; he has never been material and mortal. I had been ignorant of this great truth before, and I was delighted to learn that Christian Science could make clear to me the nature of God and man. I began earnestly to study "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. In four months I had finished reading all of Mrs. Eddy's published writings, and had read much of the other authorized literature. At last I had found God and the revelation of His Word through Christian Science!

Testimony of Healing
During the grippe epidemic in 1918 my husband, at...
March 6, 1926

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