A Timely Illustration

An incident recorded in the Sundial column of The Christian Science Monitor provided a valuable lesson for students of Christian Science. A little bird, apparently disabled, hopped helplessly and evidently appealed for aid to a passer-by. It did not resist the friendly hand which took it up, and it felt the kind thought which uncovered the trouble and found a remedy for it. Water frozen on the tip of one wing was quickly melted by warmth, and the ability to fly thus restored.

Sometimes an involuntary encounter with prevailing material conditions brings on an experience which hampers normal action in persons. They are not responsible for the so-called laws of belief which tyrannize over general consciousness, and do not know how to break this oppression. Nor are they aware of the operation of error in such a form. Failing, however, to express the harmony they ordinarily are accustomed to, mentally or physically, they are looking for help outside their present concept of good. They cannot be happy in such bondage, and rebel against limitations. The desire to represent the reality of being as God's image urges a search for the "liberty of the children of God," dominion over their own bodies.

September 12, 1925

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