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The Kingdom of Heaven

Every individual who is not leading a densely material existence thinks, no doubt, of the kingdom of heaven, and hopes to reach it some time. But how far removed this kingdom may seem to be—even beyond death! Like a beautiful mirage it beckons to many from afar, and it seems doubtful whether they will ever reach that peaceful paradise. Others, who in this world sigh in sorrow and misery, may believe that through these very hardships they acquire a special claim upon this kingdom, as a recompense for what they have suffered on earth. The writer, whose life at one time seemed full of sorrow, pinned her only hope upon a later period. Through the study of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," and the other writings of Mrs. Eddy, however, she learned how foolish was this belief.

God is our Father! Is it not our privilege, then, as His true children, to live with Him in our rightful home? Would we really be God's children if the door to the kingdom of heaven, to the home of our Father-Mother God, could ever be closed to us? Wide open is the door at all times; we need only recognize the way thereto. A mortal cannot find it; for mortal mind can neither see nor grasp God, Spirit, and His spiritual realm. To such a one everything seems dark, sad, oppressive. The inspired writings of Mrs. Eddy, however, throw a bright light into the darkness, and enable us to perceive that it is through spiritual consciousness we recognize God, Spirit, and His spiritual idea or son. The moment we do this, we begin to hear the "still small voice" of God, and an inexpressible sense of bliss fills our heart. It is then we begin to enter the door of heaven, irrespective of the seeming material conditions which surround us or of the problems in which we may appear to be entangled. The burden becomes lighter, and we feel the fetters gradually drop off. However violently error may rage around us, if we enter by this door of spiritual understanding we shall be filled with the sweet quiet and peace which belong to the kingdom of heaven, and which enable us to stand firmly and to overcome evil.

May 23, 1925

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