"Know" and "Let"

There are two words which it were well to understand, if we would progress in Christian Science. They are "know" and "let." For to know the omnipotence and omnipresence of God and the nothingness of evil and then let Truth do the work, is true wisdom.

The writer was once taught a lesson, when she needed it very much, from her window shade. The room in which she was seated was in shadow; but just outside the window the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the trees and flowers were beautiful. She realized that all that separated her from the beauty and loveliness outside was a shade which had been pulled down. She pulled on the shade and then let go, and immediately the room was flooded with sunshine. Then the beauty of the trees and the flowers could be appreciated.

"A man's gift"
May 23, 1925

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