I wish to express gratitude for the healing of my son,...

I wish to express gratitude for the healing of my son, hoping it may encourage those who may be experiencing what seems to be a slow healing. When fourteen years of age this boy was afflicted with a mental trouble which doctors diagnosed as paranoia, a form of insanity with illusions, caused by a misplacement of an organ before birth. The mental suffering was intense, and the boy was steadily growing worse, both mentally and physically. I had been reading Christian Science literature for some time, and my husband agreed to having Christian Science treatment for him, which we did. This did not seem to be very effective; sometimes he would improve, but the troubles would return. We were often tempted to give up in despair, and we did submit to his undergoing an operation; this, however, being a failure, we again resorted to Christian Science treatment. The doctor who operated would not believe that under existing physical conditions the boy was not having epileptic fits. This encouraged us, for as he did not suffer in that way we knew he was being helped.

It was five years before the mental healing took place; but during that time the boy was healed of a rupture caused by riding, the intense pain being overcome in a few days. He was also healed of stiff fingers, the effect of a broken wrist, and a gathering in the ears which caused him a great deal of suffering. He could attend school only at times; but during the last six months of his school days he was enabled, through the work of a practitioner, to pass an examination after six months' work which it usually takes two years to prepare for. At nineteen he left home and took a position in an office, where he has been for the last three years, doing good work; and he had not missed a day from his work through illness. He is tall, strong, and normal, whereas formerly he was weak and undersized. Once during those years of struggle a practitioner said to me, "When the healing comes the roughness of the way will be all forgotten." I could not believe it at the time, but I know now it is true. I also know there were many valuable lessons learned.

May 9, 1925

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