I wish to express my gratitude for a healing in Christian Science,...

I wish to express my gratitude for a healing in Christian Science,—a healing that without the truth would never have been attempted, as I have never heard of a material remedy for fear. My son, now five years old, from the time he was big enough to have his hair cut, at about two years, was so afraid of a barber's chair that he would do almost anything to postpone his trip. At first his mother took him to a shop in a large department store, but he cried and made such a fuss that the management asked her not to bring him any more, as he disturbed the rest of the children. He was then taken to a small neighboring shop; but even there he was not accepted except at certain hours. Work was then taken up for him in Christian Science. The truth was realized that the object of man's existence is to give of his goodness, his purity, his innocence. When it was time for his next hair cut the child went by himself, and upon his return said his visit had been peaceful; and each visit since has been the same.

I am also very grateful for the blessings which come to me each day from the study and application of Christian Science. First I was healed of the desire to smoke; and this came a few days after I had spent the last of my money for a supply of tobacco. At that time I was in the army, and read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy whenever possible. A great sense of peace and joy was felt which lasted several days. I did not know what had happened, nor was I trying to find out; but I knew that whatever it was, it was very good, and that seemed to satisfy me. It was quite unusual for me to be satisfied with anything except myself; but after this healing I was less prone to worry, and when things seemed to go wrong, less inclined to anger.

Testimony of Healing
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May 9, 1925

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