The Laboratory of Christian Science

In our colleges and universities it is usually required that two or more years be devoted by students to the study of some one of the material sciences, together with experimental work in the laboratory. Only a very small percentage of these students, however, make any practical application of the science after the years of their college course are ended. A few may teach it afterwards; a few others may employ it in a commercial way; but the great majority of students will have no occastion for practical application of the science to which they devoted two years of study.

For fifty years the textbook of the one perfectly practical Science has been available to mankind,—the Science whose truths are ever up-to-date; the Science that is ever beneficial and available, a rod and staff in every trial; the Science knowledge of which constitutes a possession that need never be relinquished. This Science was the discovery of a New England woman, who found in the Bible all she needed to explicate it. The name of its textbook is "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." Its author is Mary Baker Eddy. This book expounds spiritual law, and reveals its divine Principle, God, as the creator of spiritual man and the spiritual universe. It does not deal with matter, as do the so-called material sciences, building to-day upon theories and hypotheses which to-morrow may be repudiated. Quite otherwise, the divine Principle of Christian Science, being God, is unchanging, even as the Bible teaches.

May 9, 1925

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