I feel a deep desire to express my sincere gratitude for...

I feel a deep desire to express my sincere gratitude for Christian Science. I am very happy that it has come to us, and that it has become my privilege to be a partaker of its blessings. For many years I had been wondering if there were none who followed the commands of Jesus to heal the sick, as recorded in the Bible. Great was my joy, therefore, when I learned that the Christian Science church was doing this. My first healing was from a fibrous growth in the throat. Once before I had suffered from this condition, and a physician at that time removed it by a very painful operation. I felt that it had now returned and was growing more uncomfortable day by day. Now was my opportunity to prove the truth that I had learned, and I tried to understand and to apply all that I heard at the Christian Science services. The result was that one morning, after an agonizing night, the whole growth came out spontaneously and without the least difficulty. I have also been helped in many other ways.

I am unspeakably thankful to God, to Christ Jesus, and to Mary Baker Eddy, who showed me the way to God. I also wish to express my gratitude for the Bible Lessons, and for our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures;" it meets my daily needs.

October 4, 1924

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