One Holy Purpose

Men have always known that without a definite purpose to commence with nothing of value can be achieved. Unless governed by some well-defined aim, all effort becomes more or less haphazard and endeavor falls to the ground, fruitless, unprofitable. Notwithstanding this generally accepted truism, how many men and women apparently fritter away their days in uselessness, accomplishing little if anything that is truly worthy, that is really helpful to themselves or others.

Now a considerable portion of mankind has revolted against such aimless living and has striven in a multitude of ways to originate and lay hold of purposes which would so occupy thought and attention that inaction and idleness, with their deplorable lack of proper results, might be done away. Individually as well as collectively men have been reaching out after purposes which, when followed, would make them better relatives, friends, neighbors, citizens. Inasmuch as these purposes have included some measure of desire to bless all, they have tended towards general advancement.

"The starting-point of divine Science"
October 4, 1924

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