True Giving

True giving has its basis in spiritual understanding. It must, therefore, of necessity be unselfish and loving. To give because we expect by such giving to obtain an increase of good for ourselves, or because we consider it a duty to give something, is surely not what Jesus meant when he said, "Freely ye have received, freely give." While it is true that only through giving unselfishly of our store of good we can gain more of good, it is contrariwise true that giving with the expectation of gaining a reward, merely because of our giving, is seldom, if ever, productive of the desired result. Jesus never lacked the ability to give freely; and he was continually giving,-—giving of his priceless understanding of divine Principle, Love,—healing the sick, reforming the sinner, and supplying the needy.

The present age has been blessed by the great unselfishness of another faithful servant of God,—a gentle woman, Mary Baker Eddy, who, after having gained a vision of the truth taught and practiced by the Master, strove with untiring devotion to give the world her discovery. She wanted mankind to experience the immeasurable goodness of God, which follows the understanding and application of His law; for she realized that she had found God's law, the unchanging truth about all things. Did the world receive her message with open arms? No! scorn and ridicule greeted her. But this did not, could not, deter her. She loved too greatly to be turned aside by shafts of scorn and hatred. Always loving "more for every hate," as she writes in "Mother's Evening Prayer" (Poems, p. 4), she bestowed upon all the utmost charity; and to-day all who will, have, as she tells us in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 271), "the opportunity now, as aforetime, to learn and to practise Christian healing." Her splendid example of love and unselfishness is a wonderful inspiration to us.

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