It seemed that my life had been made up of unfortunate...

It seemed that my life had been made up of unfortunate experiences from the time I was three years old until about my twenty-fourth year, at which time I was ready to give up in despair. As a result of ill health, I was obliged to leave college when in my second year. Later I went from one position to another in quest of work suitable to my education and physical condition. I failed in each attempt, each time going farther down physically and mentally. Not only was I failing physically, but I was most unhappy, discouraged, and discontented.

I had been a sufferer from stomach trouble for eight years, having doctored with several physicians, trying everything that any one would suggest until I had spent all my money and time with no results. Finally, I was called for service in the World War. I was of little value to the army; for after being on a diet, suffering always from stomach trouble, it can easily be imagined how I got along. One night it seemed that all my troubles came down on me more severely than ever before. A few days later I met a boy who was studying Christian Science. It came to me that possibly there was something in Christian Science that would answer my questions, so I put my problem before him, and asked if it were possible that I could get any help from Christian Science. After a few minutes' talk he offered to lend me "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I was still not quite ready for Christian Science, however, as I had some faith in medicine; and so long as I had, it was useless to urge me to try any other agency.

Testimony of Healing
Nine years ago, when all sense of human happiness and...
January 12, 1924

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