The Love of God

The love of God! What wonders of good the very words unfold! What vistas of peace and happiness and joy they open to the one who even voices them in reverence and humility! How they bid tumult cease, and what a sense of calm they instantly produce! Who does not long for a larger understanding of their meaning and a fuller comprehension of the way to lay hold of it? The love of God! When we even begin to think of God's love, how we desire to realize the blessings which it implies! What does it not tell of His marvelous tenderness and kindness, His mercy and justice, His power to protect, and His will to comfort and sustain?

If one were always sure of the love of God, where could there be any room for doubt and fear, for lack or discord of any name or nature? No place is there for any sense of evil, or for anything which is unwise or untrue. The words seem to tell of all the good which has been sung by Psalmist and poet throughout all the ages. Indeed, all words combined could never portray the entire glory and beauty of God's love!

Healing through Mind
January 12, 1924

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