Recently I had some dentistry work done, and one...

Recently I had some dentistry work done, and one tooth would not respond to the dentist's treatment. He eventually told me he would have to pull the tooth out, although he had worked faithfully to save it for me. I did not wish the tooth pulled, as it was near the front of my mouth; and having received many healings through Christian Science treatment, I told him I was going to a practitioner. In seven treatments the case was healed; and my gum showed no swelling or hardness.

I am grateful to know, through Christian Science, that one thing should be no harder than another to heal: I had been thinking that such a condition as that mentioned above was harder to heal than others of which I had previously been healed, such as influenza, colds, and so on. I am also glad to have proved once more that evil, whatever form it may take, is a belief of the so-called human mind and not a reality to God and His image and likeness, even though these beliefs seem real at times.

January 12, 1924

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