Signs of the Times

[From the Methodist Recorder, London, England, Oct. 18, 1923]

Lord Marshall, late Lord Mayor of London, in an article in the October Home Messenger, has some impressive words about the relation of religion to business. "My knowledge of business life in the city of London," he says, "convinces me that business is by no means an insuperable barrier to the advance of religion, and that it provides a very appropriate meeting ground for religion and life. Honesty, truthfulness, strict observance of contracts, fair dealing in industry, have not yet been rejected from among the foundations of British business; and these are often graced by generosity and unselfishness and human sympathy. My belief is that such qualities are more highly esteemed and more sincerely desired than ever. ... Christianity means the extension of fairness and justice and honesty beyond their strict limits, until, indeed, they become generosity and mercy and unselfishness. And the realm of business ... does not necessarily restrict this expansion. ... As a field for religious ... conduct, for the best relationships between individuals, business life affords constant opportunity, whose acceptance is not a quixotic resistance to the trend of things."

January 12, 1924

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