Church and Church Membership

During the past year I have on many occasions heard the thought expressed that a Christian Scientist could work out the problem of life better outside of church organization than within it. When the reason for such an expression was analyzed, it usually became plain that the individual felt a sense of dissatisfaction with what seemed a lack of spiritual harmony at church meetings. To his casual observation there was too much discord, too much argument over nonessentials; the members were not working out church problems as they should, according to divine Principle! Then would follow the argument that such conditions tended to retard individual progress, which could be gained better, and more quickly, by solitary work.

Nor is it only those who desire to drop church membership, nor yet those who for some such reason delay their applications for membership, who express similar sentiments. Often upon leaving a meeting in which some difference of human opinion has caused a delay in demonstrating perfect accord, some loyal member will regret that more good metaphysical work has not been done, and will not hesitate to condemn the laxity of members in this direction.

Great Possessions
September 22, 1923

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