Right Motives

When the writer first took up the study of Christian Science, she was living on a ranch. Several years afterwards, the district where she lived was flooded, the flood cutting off all farm and garden supplies. A neighbor outside the flooded area gave her some eggs, and told her to come for more so long as there was a need. Her own hens soon began laying, and eggs were passed on to another neighbor, who was still in need. Later, she, in turn, passed an equal number to others; and so on. This has always seemed to exemplify how a loving thought goes on and on, blessing every one whom it reaches.

Each individual should always endeavor to be helpful to his neighbor. His motive should be to express love. When one is governed by God's law of love, each detail of daily life is in accord with Paul's expressed wish to the Corinthians, "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." But do all manifest unselfish love? In the factory, in the store, in the home, each bit of work should reflect Love. The mother or housekeeper does not sweep, and dust, and wash dishes for fear of unsanitary conditions, but because she wishes every one in the family to enjoy a pleasant, clean home. Those who work away from home, receiving a stipulated wage, may lift thought from so many dollars for so many hours' work to the realization of the help their labor will be to some one. The merchant should not look upon himself as being in business primarily for personal profit, which is merely the worthy hire of the laborer, and is incidental. He is a link in the chain through which the needs in his community are met.

The Real Selfhood
May 19, 1923

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