Offend Not the Little Ones

In infancy a child's state of consciousness is made up largely of impressions received in the home life. These earliest gleanings continue to influence him until his horizon widens upon entering school life and the playground. It is the home, then, and not the school, which is responsible for the child's first lessons in morality; and these are imbibed unconsciously through the thoughts and activities of those around him, be they in accord with the teachings of divine Principle, Truth and Love, or wholly apart from such, and savoring of the world, the flesh, and all error. What a responsibility, then, rests on each parent to keep his or her thought constantly dwelling "in the secret place of the most High," for the sake of the child!

We are living in an enlightened age, and our little ones are often wide awake to the moral questions of the day. Sometimes these children are not so much listening to their parents' instructions as watching how they (the parents) live. How true, indeed, is the following from the pen of a modern educator, Professor James: "It is not so much what you say to the children that influences them, as the spirit of your life ... the ideals for which you live"!

Loving Rebuke
May 19, 1923

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