There surely can be no danger in the method of healing...

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There surely can be no danger in the method of healing that is wholly spiritually, — that is, really divine; for whatever is of God must necessarily be good and not harmful. The speaker, according to your report, says all healing is of God, and, in the true sense, is divine; yet he argues for employing material means along with spiritual. It is quite true that all genuine healing is divine, — that is, of or proceeding from God. The healing that seems to result from faith in material remedies and man-made theories, brings no lasting relief from the enslaving beliefs which constitute mortal existence, since such healing results not from the correction of the mental cause that is at the root of all our troubles. Healing by means of faith in material methods leaves the patient still subject to the fears and false beliefs which infest so-called mortal mind and which cause the trouble. To be "every whit whole," we must permanently get rid of fear and belief in all that is opposed to God; and this can be accomplished only by spiritual means.

Our existence in the flesh seems to be a mixture of good and evil, — it is of "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" of which God warned Adam and Eve. If God expects or requires us "to use the means at our disposal," these material means must have been provided by Him, and their origin must be divine. But is God, Spirit, the originator of inharmonious matter, which is the supposititious opposite of Spirit? The Bible declares that God looked upon all that He had made "and, behold, it was very good;" and we know from experience that matter and material beliefs do not come up to God's standard of being wholly good. Does truth use falsehood as a means of expressing truthfulness? Is darkness employed to manifest light; or does good accomplish good through the instrumentality of evil? Christian Science logically points out the scientific impossibility of God, Spirit, being the author of aught that is not true to His nature. The material, the mortal, the evil and discordant, are not of God's making. "God," says Paul, "is not the author of confusion, but of peace."

The Poor Wise Man
May 5, 1923

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