Soon after I became interested in Christian Science, I...

Soon after I became interested in Christian Science, I was healed of a severe sore throat which had been of frequent recurrence since childhood. At the time of the healing, besides the help of a Christian Science practitioner I had a Christian Science nurse; and they, together with the members of my household, were very loving and patient in their care of me. I was, however, cross and exacting, and thought it too bad I could not use my voice to tell them just what to do: I could only whisper, and that was painful.

On this particular day, I thought if I could just have a little oil in my throat it would surely relieve me and not interfere in any way with the work in Christian Science; and that evening I made this known to the nurse. She said she would ask the practitioner, and telephoned her at once. The practitioner said I might have the oil if I wished it, but that I could not have a material remedy and Christian Science too; and that I would have to decide which I wanted. I did not want to give up Christian Science; and after a short time decided that nothing could make me give it up,— neither sore throat, nor pain, nor oil, nor doctors, nor medicine, nor anything else; and so I told the nurse to telephone the practitioner to go ahead with her work, for I had decided in favor of Christian Science. For about two hours I suffered, and then went to sleep; and in the morning I was well. The refreshing and important thing about it all was that I knew I was well, and that Christian Science had healed me and nothing could change it. I cannot begin to tell of the comfort and peace of mind this healing brought. I was willing to express kindness and helpfulness as well as receive it, and found my voice was all right. This was over eight years ago, and there has been no return of this trouble.

Testimony of Healing
Several years ago my little boy very often suffered from...
September 30, 1922

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