Signs of the Times

[From The Christian Science Monitor, Boston, Mass.]

It cannot now be long before it becomes obvious to all, that the new world, for which so many laid down their lives, can only be built by the leading nations becoming willing to sacrifice their own narrow and separate point of view, and to come together humbly to discover what is best for humanity, and to cooperate in achieving it. Once they discuss reparations, debts, the Near East, and so forth, not in terms of their own rights and ambitions, but on the basis of what is going to help the world as a whole to peace and freedom and prosperity, the way will open as it cannot so long as they are thinking in terms of their separate selves. As always happens with those who begin to practice the Golden Rule, whether they be individuals or nations, they will find that just in proportion as they are ready to think of others also, they will gain the very things they have failed to acquire when seeking them for themselves alone. No nation to-day can get peace or prosperity for itself alone. The world is too interknit, and other powers can keep everything in disorder by their quarrels. But once the civilized peoples are willing to sacrifice self and ease and pride sufficiently to combine to make it possible for all nations alike to work out their own salvation in peace and security and with equal opportunity, the obstacles which now seem destined to keep mankind for years in a morass of contention, and unemployment, and fear, and bad times, will melt away, as any one can discover for himself who begins to think about these obstacles from the standpoint of the international Golden Rule.

September 30, 1922

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