I wish to express my gratitude for all that Christian Science...

I wish to express my gratitude for all that Christian Science has done for us, and particularly for the wonderful healing of our little son. On November 20, 1918, our little boy, then a baby of nineteen months, was seized with violent spasms. A physician was summoned, and upon his arrival pronounced it the beginning of influenza. The child recovered from influenza, but remained very nervous and depressed; and three months later he was again seized with spasms, which left him in a still more weakened condition. He continued this way for several months, when we decided to take him to a child specialist, one of the finest in our city. This physician treated our child for over a year, the little one remaining very weak, with occasional spasms. In July, 1920, he was seized with a violent attack while at play, and the physician then told me he had every symptom of epilepsy. Only a mother who has experienced this situation can realize how deeply I suffered. I could not sleep or think of anything but the child. My husband in desperation took the child to his mother, who placed him in the care of her physician; but the spells continued, and in September we brought him home. At this time the spells would occur every week or ten days, and were gradually leaving him weaker and with much less control over his nervous system. About this time friends of my husband spoke to him of Christian Science; so one Sunday morning in October, when the child had a very violent attack, we called up these friends and they recommended a Christian Science practitioner. The practitioner gave him a treatment, and he was not nearly so weak as usual after an attack. For a time he continued to have these spells, but they gradually lost their violence, and in December, 1920, he had his last attack. To-day he is a bright, healthy, active boy with no sign of any trouble, nothing to remind us of those old dark days. Since then every discord in our family has been successfully met in Science.

To the kind friends who showed us the way, to the dear practitioner who so lovingly and patiently helped us during those dark days of our trouble, and to our dear Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, whose discovery of divine truth made this healing possible, my husband and I are very, very grateful.—(Mrs.) Grace C. Grad, North Fairmont, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my deep gratitude for all that...
September 30, 1922

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