I wish to express my deep gratitude for Christian Science...

I wish to express my deep gratitude for Christian Science and all the blessings which it has brought to me. As a child I was brought up to read the Bible; and, although I could not reconcile my reading with my daily life, I clung to the belief that somewhere a God existed who was a Father to His children, although I did not seem able to find Him. As I grew up and left the shelter of my home life, I was brought into contact with many phases of misery, disease, sin, and poverty, so that gradually my trust in an all-loving Father was sapped; and when I drifted into a state of bad health, there seemed to be no help to which I could appeal.

Some time previously, before what was to me an important examination, I had been healed of painful suppurating fingers by reading certain of the Psalms and trusting to the promises therein contained; but latterly I had lost faith even in the Bible and rarely opened it or went to church. At last, when I had found that the kindness of doctors and friends could give me neither health nor sustained happiness, I turned to Christian Science. I can hardly express the joy with which my first reading of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy was attended. I seemed to have "seen a great light." I felt that I was reading what I had always in reality believed, but had never dared to rest on; and I found that the "Key to the Scriptures" indeed opened the Bible to me. Since then, over six years ago, I have had many proofs of the healing power of Christian Science. I have been helped by it to overcome bad nervous attacks, influenza, and minor ailments. Defective eyes have been strengthened and my whole state of health has improved.

Christian Science is teaching me daily to know more of God, the all-loving Father-Mother, who is ever present and ever available to help. It is teaching me to understand that man has one Life, even God, and that this Life can never be hurt or destroyed by sin, disease, or death. I am indeed grateful to our beloved Leader. Mrs. Eddy, who has given to the world this wonderful blessing, Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
Over fourteen years ago I attended for the first time a...
April 22, 1922

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