"The simplicity that is in Christ"

When Paul saw the Christian of his day in danger of being turned aside from the clear and simple teaching he had given them, he warned them to beware, "lest by any means, ... your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ," to a vain boastfulness which would glory in its own supposed grasp of spiritual things. Now, even as then, error would endeavor to turn the Christian Scientist from the simplicity of Truth and make him believe that advancement in spirituality depends on something other than growth in the demonstration of the simple nature of all true good.

The earnest Christian Scientist is always reaching out for a clearer vision, is always seeking the understanding of Christ, Truth, which shall heal the sick instantaneously, and thus hasten God's reign on earth. He may not progress so rapidly in this as he would wish. Instead of staying with "the simplicity that is in Christ," he is apt at this point to heed the serpent's effort to turn him in the wrong direction for his needed inspiration; for it would try to have him seek truth in some more intellectual way, in some more abstruse metaphysical flights. It is, however, a mistake to imagine that older students of Christian Science cannot find food in that which is given to the beginner. Because the more experienced worker has a right to a larger understanding of what is presented is no reason to imagine that the same simple food is not all that is requisite.

April 22, 1922

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