A recent correspondent of your paper is quite right in...

Berkeley (Calif.) Gazette

A recent correspondent of your paper is quite right in saying that Christian Science demands a new conception of God and man, and therefore is more than a mere method of healing the sick. He might have added that this "new conception" is precisely what cures disease and lifts people out of other difficulties.

But this new or Christian Science conception of God and man is not new after all. It is as old as the Christian religion. It is the conception which Jesus and his early followers inculcated. In other words, Christian Scientists insist that God is not a manlike corporeal being, but incorporeal Mind, Life, Spirit, just as Jesus declared that God is Spirit; and John saw Him as Love; while Paul, regarding Him as Life and Mind, said that in Him we live, move, and have our being. How could Deity be otherwise, and at the same time be allknowing and everywhere present? The world is rapidly discarding the impossible idea of a mere personal or corporeal God. The result is greater freedom and more real righteousness, not to mention better health and increased longevity.

April 22, 1922

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