Over fourteen years ago I attended for the first time a...

Over fourteen years ago I attended for the first time a Christian Science testimony meeting. I had been ill for three years, and had undergone a serious operation the year before which had left me practically an invalid. I was in constant pain, suffered from insomnia, stomach trouble, and for days at a time from headache. At that meeting I heard of wonderful healings by the Christ-spirit which were made possible by an understanding of the Principle of Christian Science. The next day a Christian Science practitioner called upon the friend with whom we were living, and I was invited to meet her. I learned, as they talked, that Christian Science was the religion Jesus taught and demonstrated—not phenomenal, but founded upon divine Principle. Trembling with hope, I asked if the practitioner believed that I could be helped. Very gently she answered me, "All things are possible to God." As she answered I arose, for I knew something had happened to me. Like the lepers of old I felt the regenerating spirit of God; and I was healed instantaneously and have remained healed ever since.

As years pass, and I am constantly blessed with greater understanding of God's love, I feel I do not know how to be grateful enough to our dear Leader for Christian Science. Her dedication of "Miscellaneous Writings" shows that every one is an heir to Truth, divine Principle, in just so far as he is willing to work and be obedient. I have no ability to express in words what it means to me to have been born in this age when Christian Science was given us. I am a member of a branch church in Minneapolis and of The Mother Church, which is a privilege and source of gratitude.

(Mrs.) Inez Dayton Blond, Minneapolis, Minn.

Testimony of Healing
As a little child I was compelled by doctors and specialists...
April 22, 1922

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