The Sunday School

One of the most important activities of our church work to-day is the Sunday school; and this department should be given earnest consideration, with a view to its forward march and specific progress. Many parents who do not attend church themselves like to have their children attend the Christian Science Sunday School. Now, why is this? Must there not be a great underlying conviction that Christian Science is a power for good? We are constantly faced with evidence that this is the case, although many persons are not as yet willing to acknowledge it. Our children will help to carry on this great movement in its progressive activity, until, to use Mrs. Eddy's words in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 353), "perfection appears and reality is reached."

Let us consider some of the vital questions which concern the healthy status and progress of our Sunday schools. First, of course, Christian metaphysics must be the foundation of its teaching, in order to make it one of the healing adjuncts of the true Church. There must be the knowledge of God, or God's omniscience, the true Christ-power which awakens the child out of his dream of materiality, and leads him to the apprehension of his true, spiritual nature as the child of God. He thus attains to higher viewpoints and better thinking, and begins to see beyond the small horizon of daily doings. The Christ is unfolding to his consciousness. Because we know that the divine idea, or the Christ, is expressed eternally in completeness, we can humanly develop and expand through the divine activities which mean spiritual progress for mankind.

"Peace and joy and power"
December 9, 1922

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