The healing of a tubercular condition of the glands...

The healing of a tubercular condition of the glands through Christian Science came to me in a divinely natural way, while reading the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. For about fifteen years I had gone from one climate to another, and from one physician to another, without receiving any permanent relief. During this time five operations had been performed. The last and most serious one deprived me of the use of my right arm and twisted the muscles of my face, so that it was difficult for me to articulate. The surgeon said it was not likely that I would ever use my arm again, or have full control of my facial muscles. He confided to my family that such a case as mine had never been permanently cured, and it was not to be expected that I would live longer than a year or so, and then only with the most careful avoidance of any exposure or work. About a year later, however, I regained partial use of my arm, and my face straightened out somewhat; but I still suffered greatly after using the arm.

I had accepted my condition as hopeless, and was trying to meet the days as cheerfully as I might, when a chance remark interested me in Christian Science as a religion. It had been suggested to me before as a healing agency, but I considered it a type of human will-power, and being plentifully endowed with that, I was perfectly well aware that it could not lift me out of the darkness that was closing around me. Before I had finished reading the first page of Science and Health I knew that I had been ignorantly misjudging Mrs. Eddy. My interest increased, and I left other books unread and magazines uncut while I devoted every leisure moment to the study of the textbook in connection with the Bible. After a year and a half of absorbed study, I awoke suddenly to the fact that in that time I had not been ill one day. The swellings, which had begun to return at the time I became interested in Christian Science, had disappeared, and I had been doing work that two robust women would have been proud of; for it was during war time, when help was hard to get—and we were living on a ranch at the time.

Testimony of Healing
After eighteen years of the study of Christian Science...
December 9, 1922

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