"Peace and joy and power"

To all Christian Scientists the beautiful poem, "Mother's Evening Prayer" (Poems, p. 4), the words of which were penned by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, is especially significant and inspiring, it being so wonderfully expressive of the tender, loving care of the Father-Mother God for the Christ-idea. Not until recently had one individual, at least, caught so fully the glorious meaning of the first line of this prayer in verse, which is sung in all Churches of Christ, Scientist, and which reads, "O gentle presence, peace and joy and power."

On a Sunday morning a slight accident, to mortal belief, had befallen that individual, and even though seemingly small, it had nevertheless succeeded, for the moment, in its subtle purpose of clouding thought. Upon entering the church a sense of depression prevailed for him, but it was quite momentary, for the healing came with the reading of that first line of the hymn, quoted above. Such a sense of joy came in the realization of God's presence and power! The error had immediately vanished; the belief of accident was forgotten. Spiritual light had radiantly burst forth, and a peace had been gained that indeed "passeth all understanding."

"Thy will be done"
December 9, 1922

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