Material man is neither real nor eternal, since he is not...

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Material man is neither real nor eternal, since he is not of God's creating. The Bible teaches that man is created in God's image and likeness; and, since God is Spirit, the real man must be spiritual. Since God's image and likeness necessarily reflects all that God is, this real man must and does reflect the Life that is God, and is, therefore, coeternal with his Maker. Evil, in whatever phase it seems to present itself, has no power to destroy the real, spiritual man. The Bible tells us that "the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death;" and we overcome death in proportion to our apprehension of God as Spirit, and of the real man in God's image and spiritual likeness. This, also, is the teaching of Christian Science.

In attributing the successful healing and regenerative works of Christian Science to mental suggestion, our critic has but followed in the footsteps of the materialists of all ages. Baal of the Phœnicians of ancient times and Beelzebub of the Pharisees of Jesus' day have their counterpart in what in this age is termed mental suggestion. Only on such a material basis can those who do not understand the spiritual significance of the Scriptures account for the mighty works which were done by the prophets, by Christ Jesus, and in this day and age by Christian Scientists. Christian Science and mental suggestion are antithetical. Mental suggestion is peculiarly a process of the mortal, fleshly, carnal mind, the mind which Paul declares "is enmity against God." Its product, therefore, is and must be evil, and its modus wholly material.

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