To write that Science and Health is a muddle of bad...

The Renfrew (Ontario) Journal

To write that Science and Health is a muddle of bad philosophy and worse English is to play poorly at a very cheap performance. Why? Because a system of Christian idealistic philosophy and Science cannot be dismissed with a sentence, and because many competent scholars agree that Mrs. Eddy's literary style is excellent and original. Her diction is pure and forcible, her phraseology apt and accurate, and her meaning is clear to those who sincerely seek it.

An antagonistic critic can say that even the Authorized Version of the Bible is poor English (because it is of the time of King James) and that its teachings are utterly contradictory. This simply shows the need of spiritual interpretation. Surely it is humorous to read from the pen of one who belongs to one of about one hundred and forty sects in America, the accusation that Christian Science is sectarian. It can be maintained that Christian Science is no more a sect than Christianity is a sect, although early Christianity has been described as a despised sect. Also he misrepresents utterly the healing of Christian Science when he attributes it to the influence of the human mind. It is the divine Mind, God, who is ever invoked in Christian Science, and reliance upon God, Spirit, is essential in all its healing work, which is according to the instructions of Christ Jesus, who always looked to the Father.

September 13, 1919

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