Of all the numerous blessings which have come to me...

Of all the numerous blessings which have come to me through the study of Christian Science, one of the greatest is the wonderful illumination which its teaching throws upon the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures. For some years I suffered from weak nerves, neuralgia, and a condition of the heart which the doctor told me was serious. For ten years I had been troubled with a severe form of nasal catarrh, which defied all medical remedies and seemed to be sapping my strength. All these ailments were healed through the application of Christian Science, and I am now well and strong and able to do my work with pleasure. The conditions were not overcome immediately. When I first sought a practitioner I imagined that every pain and discord would immediately vanish, and was not a little disappointed to find that they did not do so. I had to learn that the wrong thinking which had brought on the suffering must be exchanged for correct, scientific thinking before true healing could be effected. As I tried to eliminate false beliefs and erroneous teaching, and to cultivate love for humanity in the place of self-love and self-pity, my health began to improve.

For about seven years I have taken no material remedies whatever, and I never was so well in my life. In difficult business conditions Christian Science has been to me an unfailing help. I am grateful beyond words for the wealth of literature which is ours, and to that noble woman, Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer of Christian Science, who has made possible in this age a repetition of the works of Jesus and his disciples, bringing about the present fulfillment of the great Teacher's own words, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also."

September 13, 1919

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