Asking Wisdom from God

It seems to be the custom of many to seek for advice casually, and it must be evident in such cases that it is more than information which they want. They desire to have a certain course commended and are very much less hospitable to counsel or warning that would dissuade them from what they wish to do than to the casual advice which seems to them to be confirmation of a cherished intention. This accounts perhaps for the surprising effect of what can only be called evil counsel and the apparent ineffectiveness of much good advice such as elders are continually giving to the young. It is a fact, however, that every one at some time must actually learn wisdom.

The casual adviser cannot know what is within the heart of the one to whom he proposes guidance and direction, but every man who is honest with himself knows about himself much more than he will tell; and just as soon as he finds a standard and has his eyes open to actual truth and discerns what is meant by Principle he begins to correct himself, he begins to exhibit righteousness and to reflect Mind, concerning which Mrs. Eddy says in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 361): "The divine modes and manifestations are not those of the material senses; for instance, intelligent matter, or mortal mind, material birth, growth, and decay: they are the forever-existing realities of divine Science; wherein God and man are perfect, and man's reason is at rest in God's wisdom,—who comprehends and reflects all real mode, form, individuality, identity."

September 13, 1919

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