Extracts from Letters

"This letter is addressed to you as an expression of my gratitude for Christian Science. I have always found it very helpful to me in civilian life and even more so in the Army, since I have not always been in a position where medical aid was available, had I been in want of it. Then is when I perhaps realized most fully the value of Christian Science. Heretofore I have always had a practitioner to rely upon to help me out, but since coming into the Army I have learned to work out the problems myself as they came up. When I first landed in France there was a great deal of fear about the epidemic. Several of the boys in my outfit were taken with it, and many of them were sent to the hospital. I got a slight touch of it, and if it had not been for my understanding of Christian Science I would have been compelled to seek medical attention. However, I was able to take care of myself, so that when orders came a few days later for the movement of the battalion, I was able to make the four-mile hike to the railroad station with full pack, in a pouring rain. There were a great many of the fellows who were unable to carry their packs.

"I came to this town after I had been in France about a month. At first there were very few troops here and I knew of no other Scientists in the camp, but I had not been here very long when I learned that a Christian Science chaplain had arrived in a neighboring town, with a new battalion. Inasmuch as Cour-Cheverny is the headquarters for this area, the chaplain was soon transferred to this town, and ever since then we have held regular Sunday services and Wednesday evening meetings in his billet. You may be sure I was very glad of the opportunity to attend these meetings, and we got a great deal of good out of them."

Asking Wisdom from God
September 13, 1919

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