I first heard of Christian Science through the healing of...

I first heard of Christian Science through the healing of my mother, who was freed from a life of bondage to ill health; but though I studied the literature perfunctorily, I was not ready for the truth, and after a while abandoned all study of the subject and left it' alone for four years. At the end of that time I turned to it in earnest to save me from a moral degeneration from which I felt myself unable to escape. It helped me at once, and I know that it has made me better and stronger physically, mentally, and morally than I used to be.

Christian Science was a wonderful help to me during the war in all the duties and difficulties of daily life in the Army. My work has been happy and successful in the proportion that I have tried to put into practice what I understood of divine Principle. I have had several experiences of physical healing. I was admitted to hospital twice while on active service; once with malaria and once with an abscess on the forehead. On both occasions I had absent treatment from a Christian Science practitioner and recovered quickly and completely. About six months after my healing of malaria I was examined by a medical board which had been specially informed that I had suffered from this fever. The board passed me as perfectly fit, the doctor who examined me stating that he could find no trace of the disease. I am very grateful for the freedom from fear and anxiety that came to me during these experiences.

Testimony of Healing
For fourteen years I had suffered from headache, also...
June 21, 1919

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