When I first turned to Christian Science I was wonderfully...

When I first turned to Christian Science I was wonderfully helped, being healed of a number of ailments that had troubled me for a long time. The following spring I had what seemed to me a wonderful healing. Rejoicing in my new found health, I took an active part in the spring housecleaning. Having my hands much in water, with a preparation used for cleaning, they became very painful. At the end of the week they were red and swollen, the skin over the knuckles being cracked. As I pondered over what had brought about such a result, I found fear at the bottom of it all; and while the error was being uncovered I was conscious that my hands were healing. When I arose they felt neither stiff nor sore, but perfectly natural. The following week I did more of the same work without experiencing any ill effects.

A few years later I suffered from a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism. For two weeks I was unable to go downstairs. My knees and ankles were stiff and badly swollen, and at times I suffered intense pain. I was so ill that some members of the family thought I should have a physician and a nurse, but I declined both, desiring to depend entirely upon Christian Science treatment for healing and upon those in my home for what other attention I might need. After about three weeks' treatment I was able to walk to the practitioner's home, which was about two blocks away, and in another week I could move around as usual. Soon after that all traces of the disease left me.

Testimony of Healing
Before I knew anything of Christian Science, happiness...
June 21, 1919

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