In his recent letter a correspondent hopes that he is correct...

Victoria (British Columbia) Colonist

In his recent letter a correspondent hopes that he is correct in crediting Christian Science with the working out of the problem of good health naturally and not miraculously. Yes, the healing is natural, divinely natural, as much so as the displacement of darkness with light. The word miracle used to mean not a supernatural occurrence, but a wonder, a marvel. The miracles of Jesus were not supernatural, they were the perfectly natural result of the operation of a higher law than had before been understood; hence their value and tremendous significance. They were the signs proving that Jesus had a wide knowledge and perfect understanding of a spiritual law that always had existed and always will exist; it was known to some of the prophets and demonstrated to a degree by them.

After Christianity became subject to ecclesiasticism, the practice of this law fell into abeyance, except in a few rare instances, until it was discovered and made available once more by Mrs. Eddy. She found the evidence of its existence in the acts of Christ Jesus and the apostles, the explanation of if in the inspired Word of the Bible, and the proof of it in her own healing and the severe tests to which she put it before writing "Science and Health with Keyt to the Scriptures." Christians of to-day are only beginning to work up to those larger wonders that were so natural to Jesus, yet the smallest case of healing on a spiritual basis proves the existence of this divine law and the possibility of higher achievements as human thought advances morally and spiritually, subduing the flesh and its selfish limitations.

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