Lifting up the Christ

Because God is infinite Life, He must include within Himself all right activity. Man, therefore, as His image and likeness must be the expression of all such activity. To contemplate this mighty truth at once presents to consciousness an unending possibility of right endeavor, and one longs to start on the way to such accomplishment. What can bring a more joyous sense than that which holds within itself the opportunity of glorious achievement? To be doing something worth while gives to men the only satisfaction which is worthy of the name; and what could be of so great importance as the exaltation of the Christ to human consciousness?

Men have glimpsed this truth in a thousand ways, but have again and again failed to lay hold of all its possibilities. Christian Science shows men how this lifting up of the Christ is to be done, and that all good is thereby open to those who will accept the teachings of Christian Science, lay hold of its method, and practice its precepts with unfaltering faithfulness. It explains the Christ as exemplified in Jesus' life in such a way that men need no longer be deceived by the speciouse claims of imperfection; instead they may mold their living in conformity with the one who never failed, who always succeeded in accomplishing whatever he undertook.

Among the Churches
June 21, 1919

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