In May, 1916, I was in the employ of a western city as...

In May, 1916, I was in the employ of a western city as a fireman, and one day when we were responding to an alarm of fire, a collision occurred. We were going at a very rapid rate and I was thrown violently to the pavement, striking on my head and left side. I was rendered unconscious, and was taken to a hospital, where I was examined by four surgeons. They considered my condition desperate, there being many and complicated fractures, as well as paralysis of the side. After the first day the doctors held out no hope of my recovery, and my mother, a Christian Scientist, then placed my case entirely in the hands of a practitioner. A Christian Science nurse was installed and all material remedies were discontinued. At the end of a week I was removed to my home, where I continued under treatment for a number of weeks. The surgical work on my jaw and teeth proved delicate and difficult, but through the loving assistance of friends and my dear mother's abiding faith in the saving and healing power of Truth as practiced in Christian Science, I was restored to health and strength. In the accident two of my teeth were broken off. Later the dental surgeon pivoted two teeth upon the stumps, doing the necessary work on them without causing me the slightest pain, a fact that seemed to astonish him greatly.

Before this accident I had been addicted to the excessive use of tobacco. Upon recovering consciousness I found that the desire for this indulgence had vanished, and I have never used the weed since. While before my injury I had not been a student of Christian Science, this evidence of God's protecting power was so convincing to me that I have earnestly tried to prove my gratitude by daily study of the Bible and the writings of Mrs. Eddy.

Testimony of Healing
For seven or eight years after I became a student of...
October 11, 1919

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