I have had ample time to meditate on the many healings...

I have had ample time to meditate on the many healings and wonderful blessings that I have experienced through the study of Christian Science. When sorrow came into our home I knew that no physician even pretended to heal a broken heart, and that to me was the worst suffering I had ever endured. I thought I must suffer on, and wondered how I could stand it. While I was visiting my sister in Oregon we met a friend of hers, a Christian Scientist, on our way down town one day, and I shall always remember the lady's sweet face as the said to me when told of my sorrow, "You know the Bible tells us that God will wipe all our tears away." That was the first gleam of hope or comfort that had come to me. We had talked Christian Science in our home, were sure it was what we believed, and a son had been wonderfully helped by it, but our interest had lagged, and not until we had a terrible awakening did I realize what I needed.

Since then Christian Science has been my only reliance. I have been healed of chronic throat trouble, bilious attacks, sick headaches, gallstones, lame back, and many other ailments. An experience I had while in bathing proved to me God's ever presence. One afternoon I went to the beach with friends and one of them asked me to go in bathing. I refused at first, as I always had such a fear of water, and expressed myself so; but finally I was persuaded, thinking I would wade in a little way and enjoy the cool water, as it was a very warm day. My friend, however, was joined by another friend and soon they were swimming quite a way from me. I saw as I waded out that the cement bottom (it was a made lake) was sloping downward and was slick and slimy, and that if I did not return to the bank I might drown, for I knew nothing about swimming; but as I turned to go back my feet slipped and I went down. I came up farther out and was terribly frightened. Then I went down again, still farther out. I could only struggle, although I could clearly think, and I wondered why those stragglers on the bank could not see that I needed help. I was going down for the third time when these words came clear and distinct: "God is all." I heard the waters closing over me, but was calm and happy. The next thing I realized was that I was on the bank, my feet in shallow water. I could scarcely speak when my friends came up. I only wanted to look up and thank God; in fact, I said to them that if it had not been for my understanding of Christian Science I would not have been there.

Testimony of Healing
Not having the opportunity to attend the Wednesday...
October 11, 1919

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