Many times before the first rays of truth began to dawn...

Many times before the first rays of truth began to dawn on my darkened thought, I have read the testimonies in the Sentinel, hoping that I might see in the solution of another's problem the answer to my own; and perhaps the expression of my gratitude may help some one who, like myself, is seeking mental rest, rather than physical healing. Many times I have read Science and Health with but little comprehension, and my world seemed indeed dark, but I clung to the thought that God is Love and that in His universe all is harmony. As even a little light reveals the objects in a darkened room, so the dawning of this truth gradually revealed the error in my thought, and for this revelation I am indeed thankful, since the discovery of error must precede its destruction.

As erroneous concepts have been destroyed by a knowledge of Truth, physical harmony has been manifested in many unthought-of ways. I have greater endurance and strength, and my eyesight has greatly improved. Through an understanding of my household duties as loving service, rather than servitude, I have experienced relief from callosities on the soles of my feet, the trouble having almost entirely disappeared. The mental rest I so desired has been found, though spiritual uplift seems the more adequate expression now; and through the understanding of the ever presence of God, divine Love, our home has become more harmonious.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a sense of deep gratitude for Christian Science...
October 11, 1919

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