The Lectures

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (First Church).—Paul Stark Seeley, lecturer; introduced by A. H. Stowell, who said in part:—

Mankind is always desirous of knowing more about God and His relation to man; but so very much has been taught on this subject which could not be satisfactorily proved, that it is hardly to be wondered at that in the minds of many there is at least some skepticism. How then are we to know the right teaching from the wrong? Jesus the Christ answered this question for all men for all time. He said, "By their fruits ye shall know them." By the frutis of his teaching, the healing of all manner of sickness and sin, he proved the whole of his teaching to be true. Christian Scientists are therefore amply justified in the adoption of this same rule to prove true this same teaching now; and this is exactly the standard by which Christian Science demands to be measured. When we see the proofs, the fruits, of Christian Science teaching,—the healing of sickness, the restoration of mankind from obedience to all kinds of false laws; when we note that thousands upon thousands have beyond the least shadow of doubt been freed from fears, from sin, from sickness, from error of many sorts, through this ministry, can we not safely conclude that the teaching which is based on this healing, regeneratin law is true and that it has proved its way back into the thoughts of men?

October 11, 1919

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