That Men May See

These are times of supreme testing, not only for nations and peoples, but for churches and religions. The Christian Science church, it is gratifying to observe, is meeting the test in a manner which cannot fail to hasten the day when all mankind will see and acknowledge the embodiment and expression of the true Church, defined by Mrs. Eddy on page 583 of Science and Health as "the structure of Truth and Love."

It is a fact of significance and importance that the official publications of the Christian Science church were among the first to proclaim that in the great world war the struggle was not essentially between nations, but between right and wrong mental concepts, with relation to which there could be no such thing as intelligent neutrality. Knowing the inevitable tendency of right thinking to multiply "after his kind," and of wrong thinking to counterfeit the reproductive activity of good, Christian Scientists are able to see far ahead of the working out of things materially, and thus participate in each of the world's successive awakenings to the issues actually involved. They will of course continue to do this, thereby, as in many other ways, justifying their right to speak for the church "which affords proof of its utility and is found elevating the race," as we read on the page already quoted.

Individual Distribution
June 29, 1918

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