I first heard of Christian Science in Chicago about sixteen...

I first heard of Christian Science in Chicago about sixteen years ago. It seemed to me, at that time, that it was what I had always been seeking, and I accepted it without question or resistance, for it was to me perfectly natural that people should be healed to-day as they were when Jesus was here on earth. The next day I went to see a practitioner, and with two weeks' treatment I was healed of chronic catarrh of the nose and throat for which I had been treated by specialists for several years without receiving any benefit. Since then I have not used material remedies of any kind, but have depended always on the truth as revealed to us in Christian Science. I have had many proofs of the truth of Mrs. Eddy's statement (Science and Health, p. 495), "God will heal the sick through man, whenever man is governed by God."

If Christian Science had done nothing more for me than to heal me of physical diseases, I should certainly be grateful; but I consider the physical healing the smallest thing that Christian Science does for me. By far the most important thing, and that for which I am most grateful, is the overcoming of sin,—of fear, sensitiveness, resentment, of pride, self-love, and all the beliefs that rob us of joy and happiness. It brings to light the falsity of these errors, and teaches us how to uproot them and cast them out. It is impossible to tell others just what this religion does for us; each one must study it for himself and practice it in his daily life in order to realize the freedom, peace, and joy which are the fruits of such endeavor. I can only testify out of my own experience, that an understanding of this truth is truly the "pearl of great price," and that it is worth selling all we have in order to gain it.

I am thankful to God, from whom comes every good and perfect gift; grateful to Jesus, our Way-shower and Exemplar, who so perfectly demonstrated the Christ for us; and grateful to Mrs. Eddy, our Leader, who was so pure in heart that in the seeming darkness of this age she could see God and again reveal to us the perfect man in God's image.

Testimony of Healing
The study of Christian Science has revealed a glimpse of...
June 1, 1918

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