Each year since I began the study of Christian Science, I have experienced better health and more of joy and happiness, because I have steadily grown in my understanding of God and my relation to Him. Previous to this time I had not known for many years what it was to have one day free from some pain or ache, and worry and fear were my almost constant companions. I was not quickly healed, and it has taken much study and striving to eradicate wholly the many wrong habits of thought, but the comfort and peace of mind which I have attained are well worth any amount of work and striving, and I know that I have so far had but a glimpse of the joy that a fuller understanding of God as divine Principle brings.

Even a very slight perception of Christian Science brings to the student a measure of protection from all the shafts of error, as was proved to me in the first years of my study, when I went to live in the tropics of Central America, where I remained for two years and a half. During this time I learned the great value of our literature, thought it was about a month old when it reached me. My study of the Lesson-Sermon and the reading of the Sentinel and Journal enabled me to overcome every fear of climate and to realize that one can be as healthy in one country as another; as Mrs. Eddy has stated on page 120 of Science and Health, "Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind."

God Unchanging
June 1, 1918

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