Christian Scientists hope that The Milwaukee Leader...

The Milwaukee (Wis.) Leader

Christian Scientists hope that The Milwaukee Leader will not insist on misrepresenting either them or their religion; but the letter from a representative of the People's Council of America and the editorial adoption thereof, were both mistaken and misleading.

Christian Science does regard war as an evil; but this statement alone does not fully present its teachings on this subject. Christian Science also teaches that the defense and preservation of human rights by force of arms may be relatively right. As Mrs. Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, has said: "War will end when nations are ripe for progress" (Miscellany, p. 281). Nations, like persons, do not live alone, and one may be more ready than another to listen to other reasons than superior force. Therefore, in March, 1898, just before the United States employed force against Spain for the liberation of Cuba, Mrs. Eddy, in reply to a question from The Boston Herald, spoke thus (Miscellany, p. 277): "I will say I can see no other way of settling difficulties between individuals and nations than by means of their wholesome tribunals, equitable laws, andsound, well-kept treaties;" but she also declared (p. 278) the possibility that God's "purpose for peace" might be "subserved by the battle's plan."

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