"The scientific majority"

At a time when, as never before in the history of mankind, all the vexed and venerable problems appertaining to the government of nations may be said to have been thrown into the melting pot, it is interesting to speculate upon the nature of the changes which may be expected to have been wrought by this drastic purging, and to attempt to focus the Phoenix form which may fly upward at last, released from the funeral pyre of much garbage and wreckage. The philosophic onlooker (if indeed such an individual exists in a world struggle where all are drawn to play some part) sees that in the great conflict between the forces of autocracy and democracy only one can survive, and as the true philosopher labors for freedom of thought, the unbiased thinker will decide that some form of democracy will be the future government of the renewed and progressive civilization for which those countries are fighting to whom the democratic ideal is a living inspiration.

This prophecy may appear obvious to-day when the dark forces of autocracy have been unmasked and their true colors revealed, but perhaps the countries that are now staking their all for the ideas of democratic freedom were not so ready for this task in the bygone years when an intrepid New England woman organized "The Church of Christ, Scientist," on lines which she herself has told us are "essentially democratic" (Miscellany, p. 254). As time goes on it becomes increasingly evident that in choosing and utilizing what she considered the best form of human government for her church, Mrs. Eddy was simply applying the healing power of the Christ-idea to the diseased and afflicted counterfeits of government from which the nations had suffered so long; and this she sought to do, as in healing the sick, by presenting the true idea in some form that the world could understand and grasp.

True Civil Law
April 6, 1918

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