The Union officer of health declares, "I say definitely...

The Cape Argus

The Union officer of health declares, "I say definitely and emphatically that it would be in the public interest to suppress faith-healing and all allied forms of quackery." Now quackery is objectionable in every direction, under the dictionary definition that a quack is one who pretends to knowledge which he does not possess. But with all due deference to this officer, Christian Science is not quackery. Christian Scientists do not ape or compete with the medical faculty in the use of questionable drugs, dangerous inoculations, or hypnotic suggestion, nor do they diagnose or treat disease from any material standpoint whatever.

Christian Science has an entirely different basis and modus operandi to that of the medical profession, and works from a totally opposite — a spiritual and not a material — standpoint. The tree is known by its fruits. The phenomenal spread of Christian Science is due to the fact that it is meeting the needs of those who turn to it for health, happiness, and spiritual peace. If spiritual healing ought to be suppressed in the interests of the public, then the Bible also should be suppressed, for the Bible is full of accounts of such healing and enjoins the necessity of spiritual healing for the sick as well as for the sinful.

September 22, 1917

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