The Concordances

Recently the writer found herself in a situation which she likened to that of a man who sits down beside a newly acquired, unworked gold mine, dreaming of all the wonders its wealth may procure, until hunger and the night shadows awaken him to the necessity for further activity before he may rest in the possession of his riches. She had been contemplating, with similar pride of ownership, the lengthening line of volumes which contain the writings of our revered Leader, Mrs. Eddy, supinely expecting that the beneficent truths inscribed therein would exude in some mysterious manner through their bindings, and take shape in the blessings desired in her experience.

She was awakened from this flimsy dream when a severe trial revealed her need for more of the knowledge of the truth that makes free, and with the two concordances, which were at this time placed in her hands, a systematic study of these works was begun. This delving was eagerly pursued until the rays of Truth began to pierce through the adamant of false belief. Next there was a patient breaking away of the clinging particles of fear and doubt, and then a cleansing until the pure, spiritual reality was brought into human view and the problem was solved.

College Societies
September 22, 1917

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