Tithes and Taxes

THE Christian Scientist who works constructively with the thought of church building, turns to page 583 of Science and Health, and there finds that its author, Mrs. Eddy, has defined "church" as "the structure of Truth and Love; whatever rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle." As the whole of this passage is studied one gains an enlarged concept of church. It is realized that church growth, or church building, is coincident with spiritual unfoldment, which must be manifested in greater mental, moral, and physical harmony,—each demonstration of divine Principle, of Truth, no matter how seemingly insignificant, being a stone purchased, polished, and delivered at the building site. One cannot build without substance, and in Science and Health (p. 468) it is recorded that "Spirit, the synonym of Mind, Soul, or God, is the only real substance." Hence the clearer our understanding and appreciation of the qualities of Mind, Soul, or God, the richer will be our sense of substance.

During the summer months of 1915 it was the privilege of the Christian Science churches in San Francisco to hear at their Wednesday evening meetings testimonies from churches in widely separated parts of the world. The greater the geographical distance from which the testimony came, the more forceful it was in conveying a sense of the extent and at the same time of the unity of the true church,—a sense of the inexhaustible richness of the quarry from which the building stones are being brought. As the greater is compounded of the lesser, the individual must realize that general church growth will be in keeping with individual growth, and that his own contribution toward this building will be in proportion to the estimate entertained of his own supply. While making such a survey recently, the writer's attention was called to what seemed confiscatory taxes on a certain piece of property in her holding.

"Paths of righteousness"
September 23, 1916

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