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How often in the Old Testament occurs the phrase, "The word of the Lord came to," and here follows the name of the man addressed, and the messenger is instructed. In a superior sense the divine word came to "inspired" men of old,—kings, prophets, and psalmists,—but in a true sense it also comes today to any one with a mind to hear the voices of heaven and with a will to work the things that are right, honest, and "of good report." Some of the messages that came to Jonah, Micah, Daniel, or others like them, were temporary and local in significance, but in large measure they contained truths and teachings that live from generation to generation in the quickened consciences of men. It is the voice from heaven perpetually speaking to humanity that supplies strength for this life and hope for the life to come. Where there is no vision, where the word faileth, the people perish.

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September 23, 1916

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